Resume Writing 101

Writing resume to apply for job vacancy is not only stressing, but also difficult because when you thought you just did your best in presenting yourself and you did not get single call for interview. It sucks because all the self-help resume writing books you bought are not helping at all. Well, it is time for you to change the game, we have some easy and simple tips for you so you can rewrite your resume and make sure that your resume is Continue reading

Business Day DIY SEO

How to Find a New Business Agency

It is crucial to keep a good stream of customers and clients. It is very easy to get simply satisfied once you have enough clients – when one of those clients disappeared would your business feel the result? Or worse would it crumble?? Working with a New Business Agency can help you win clients and grow your business. There is no question that new business as well as leads generation can be time consuming, diligence and expensive but overall it can be worthwhile and economical. Continue reading

Options for Filing and Reporting Small Business Taxes

Large and smaller businesses all over the United Areas must record and pay fees. Small company fees are applied and motivated than those of much larger organizations in another way. To accurately report and pay taxes companies should follow these helpful preparation tips. Small enterprises have the choice of submitting their own taxation statements or they can work with the assistance of a specialist. Professional taxes help will come from a Continue reading